Fencing Portfolio

Bev had a problem in her garden.

High winds continually flattened the old panel fence, the low level wall was a security risk and the metal gate had rusted shut

Pic: Overall
The high winds – now not a problem. We built a feather edge fence instead of the old panels. Those big 4” posts will withstand anything and the solid frame construction gives it massive strength

Pic Gate & Over wall
Also, by using feather edge we could raise it above the wall to create one continuous line. The old gate – angle grinded off and a new gate with security bolts top and bottom fitted

Pic: Bev overall
Hey presto!

Rustic’ style of the existing fence

What I can only describe as the ‘Rustic’ style of the existing fence – ie worn out.

Voile! A new fence that will last. There was an added problem however on this one. The neighbours garden was 1m lower than Rhiannas and the soil was crumbling. We fitted a gravel board retainer to the base of the fence to hold the soil back with the timber-lined with a damp proof membrane so the damp soil wouldn’t rot the wood.

Post & Rail Fence for Jill in Bath

Jill lives in an amazing house in Coombe Down but its on the edge of an old quarry with a 20′ drop.  Not ideal for the grandkids so we built a post & rail fence along the edge for safety.

Picket Fence for Mike Bath

With such an amazing view Mike wanted a low level fence to keep the dog in without spoiling the view so this Picket style was the ideal solution.

Concrete Posts for Rianna Clevedon

Rianna’s garden – 3 fences blown down in high winds and she had enough.  We used concrete posts as the solution.  A fence falls down usually due to the posts rotting with typical lifespan of 10yrs.  Concrete posts never rot.  The main drawback is cost – 3x more expensive and not as attractive but they will last a lifetime.

A Rustic Fence for Anna Long Ashton

This rustic ‘Hurdle’ fence fitted in brilliantly at Anna’s period property in Long Ashton.

Hit & Miss Fencing

‘Hit & Miss’ fencing is quite contemporary at the moment.  It gives privacy but allows the eye to glimpse through, in this case painted a shade of light grey with gate matching the style of the side panels.