Prefer something more natural?  What about planting a Hedge? Fixmyfence can help with that!

The choice of hedging shrubs is endless.  Anything can be planted to form a hedge.

Your main considerations are:

Formal or informal

What sort of height do you require?
Do you you need something tall and fast-growing (leylandii or laurel), medium (beech) or smaller?

How fast do you want it to grow? Remember the faster the growth rate, the more frequent you will have to trim it

Formal eg laurel/beech and leylandii – easy to trim into rigid level lines or informal flowering hedges?

Formal Hedging Styles

Quick growing and easy to cut into level straight lines.
Choose from:

Beech Hedging

  • Available in green or claret red
  • Deciduous. The leaves turn brown in Autumn are retained until new green leaves develop in spring (as in the picture).


  • Fast growing and easy to trim into straight neat lines


  • Green large glossy leaves.
  • Fast growing once established and ideal for shady conditions

Informal Hedging

If you prefer not to have regimented straight lines an informal hedging style could be an option.
The choice is limitless for colour and flowering.

A few examples could be:

  • Berberis – Dark red or green. Thorny and flower in spring
  • Photinia Red Robin – glossy red leaves in spring
  • Choiysa – white flowers in late spring
  • Hypericum – riot of yellow flowers all summer
  • In fact anything planted close together will form a natural hedge