We fix fences in Nailsea, Clevedon, Portishead, Long Ashton

Fences Falling apart – we’ll have if repaired in just a jiffy!

Fence falling apart? Panels half way down the garden or leaning at an alarming angle? No problem. Just give me a call and I’ll have it sorted!

So you need a new fence?

No problem. A few things for you to mull over to help you decide what the best fence style is for your needs.

Things to think about

Desired Height
High winds?
Formal or Informal
Have you considered a hedge?
  • 3’, 5, or 6’ are the standard sizes for most types of fence – what’s best for your garden? Do you want privacy? If so a 6’ fence is perfect but if you want to open up views or not feel so enclosed would a 5’,4’ or 3’ fence height be better?
  • Do you want something taller than 6’? If so then either feather edge or a 6’ panel with 1’, 2’ or 3’ trellis on top may be the best solution

(panels v. decorative panels)

  • If budgets are tight then the cheapest option are standard panels – the type most of us have.
  • If you wanted to make more of a design statement then there are a range of styles that can add a touch of individuality to your garden but be prepared to spend a little more.

Do high winds continually batter your fence?

  • If so then a feather edge fence would be a better solution. Incredibly strong and built to last
  • Or if you wanted something a bit more informal – how about using trellis. Available in 3’, 4’, 5’ & 6’ heights. It will form the desired barrier but will allow any gales to pass through without tearing it down. You could add a climber for additional privacy.

Looking for something a little less formal?

How about a trellis fence or hurdles?

How about a Hedge?

  • If you wanted a barrier and privacy but don’t want a fence how about planting a hedge instead?? Formal or informal styles – there’s a huge choice of hedging shrubs to use

Choose your fence style

Standard panels

  • The cheapest option in terms of material and labour cost to erect
  • Durable
  • Available in heights 3’-6’
  • Panels are treated against rot natural wood finish which can be stained to add colour or just leave natural if you wish.

Feather Edge

  • Incredibly strong
  • Perfect for high wind areas
  • Can be erected up to 7 feet tall
  • A little more expensive to erect than standard fence panels but built to last

Decorative Panels

  • Perfect if you want something a little more individual for your garden
  • A little more expensive than standard panels.

Informal Fencing


  • Brilliant if you want to achieve that informal rustic look
  • Great for hiding eyesores such as compost or bin areas, oil tanks, etc
  • The main drawback is they are not as durable as solid timber fence panels or feather edge


  • Great for achieving that informal look but more durable than hurdles.
  • Offers the perfect support frame for climbers to give flowering colour and added privacy

Picket Fences

  • The classic country cottage look
  • Looks great painted or au naturel
  • Available in round or pointed tops

Post and rail

  • Relatively quick and inexpensive for demarcating a long boundary

For the full range of fence panels and styles check out our 2 main suppliers:

Fountain Timber in Backwell (near Backwell):www.fountaintimber.co.uk or Bendrey Bros in Warmley Bristol: www.bendreybros.co.uk

Add colour and preserve your existing or new Fence

Why not add a splash of colour to existing fence
Looking to make a bold change to your garden? Adding a colour to your existing fence will make a major difference!


The range these days is huge, just check out the Cuprinol website for the range of colours available

Climbing Plants

Soften the starkness of your fence or add interest with climbers for colour or scent

Climbing roses

  • My favourite and best value for money. They will flower all throughout summer.
  • Huge range of colours available
  • Prune in Autumn and spray monthly with a 3 in 1 rose gun, available on line and DIY stores to prevent aphid attack and keep the leaves glossy and free from black spot


  • Bright vibrant colour but doesn’t flower as long as a climbing rose.
  • Spring and summer flowering varieties available in a range of colours

Passion Flower

A vigorous grower which will flower throughout Summer


Another vigorous climber that will flower all year. Needs pruning however to control its growth